Clarity Enhanced Diamonds
A diamond’s Clarity, one of the famous four Cs, is determined according to imperfections it may possess in form of different types of inclusions or external blemishes.
Ever since it became technically possible methods were devised for eliminating, or at least obscuring, imperfections in diamonds . Utilizing modern technologies (such as laser) it has become possible to enhance a diamond’s clarity by rendering any inclusions or cracks virtually undetectable as well as by filling voids, smoothing external surfaces, causing blemishes to disappear etc.

The Advantages of Clarity Enhancement
It is true that a diamond which requires no clarity enhancing is regarded by most as superior to a clarity enhanced diamond with similar 4 Cs grading. However, there are diamonds which possess good potential but have flaws in them which can be remedied. Buying a clarity enhanced diamond offers the chance to purchase an overall more impressive stone for the price of a diamond with lower four Cs grading but which had not been clarity enhanced.

With clarity enhanced diamonds it is essential to take extra care in understanding what processes were performed, if the results achieved are satisfactory, if all that has been done is fully disclosed and exactly what the implications are so far as the diamond’s worth is concerned.

Knowing if a Diamond is clarity Enhanced
Since the purpose of clarity enhancement is to make impurities and defects unnoticeable it may be extremely difficult to tell if a diamond has been clarity enhanced. If a diamond’s origins are truly reliable any clarity enhancing processes performed on it will be depicted in the certifications which accompany it.
Detailed examination performed by expert gemologists in modernly equipped labs, such as those found in well reputed gemologist institutions, will verify that all there is to know about a clarity enhanced diamond is truly revealed.

Main Techniques Used in Clarity Enhancing
When conducted expertly, modern clarity enhancing processes produce impressive results so far as elimination of flaws is concerned. It is also worth mentioning that they have very little bearing on the treated diamond’s durability.
The three most common types of clarity enhancing processes are “laser drilling”, “fracture Filing” and “Color Treatments”.
With laser drilling a bore less than 0.2 mm in diameter is drilled from the diamond’s surface all the way down to the inclusion within it. The inclusion can then be eliminated either through use of the laser beam itself or by introducing an acidic agent . Finally, the leftover bore is filled in a way which leaves no trace of it.

In fracture filling a silica based substance is melted and forced under pressure into voids and fractures in need of filling. Color treatments are processes designed to eliminate tints in color, to this end chemicals, micro thin coatings or extreme heat and pressure may be utilized.